Game of Micronations Dr. Lauren Friedman DDS, Creator
Game of MicronationsDr. Lauren Friedman DDS, Creator

MicroNations Game:


Scenario Card

#  01        <Aggression>  Our MicroNation invades Dentalia.  Our soldiers return with truckloads of Dental Instruments & Gold Crowns.

1   $2M        Only Half of the Laughing Gas Nitrous Oxide returned, but our soldiers are smiling & super happy!

2   $9M        Looted Gold Crowns are smelted into our Gold Coins.

3   $5M        Dental Tools are sold to our own Dentists at below Retail.

4   $-4M        Crates of Dental Supplies are Stockpiled by our Head of State.

5   $-3M        Invaded MicroNation imposes Sanctions upon us via the mUN.

6   $_M        _

& 99 more Scenario Cards for you.


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==========  CONTENTS of the MicroNations Game  ==========


Board Game in Folder, or Downloaded:

MicroNations Maps.  Rules.  News.  Scenario Cards Deck #1 = 100 Cards.  Marketplace Scenario Cards Deck #1.  Dice Cards = 1 page.  Currency Banknotes = 1 page.  Secret Weapons = 4 pages.  2 Scorecards.  Variations & Strategies for playing the Game of MicroNations.


==========  ABOUT the MicroNations Game  ==========



MicroNations Game is more than just a Game.

United MicroNations Marketplace actually Transact Money & Goods.  We use Real & Virtual & Fantasy Currencies.  We Complete Deals!

Game of MicroNations is your Apprenticeship into the True Brinksmanship of Nations negotiating and battling other Nations & MicroNations.


==========  MICRONATIONS  ==========


MicroNation Profiles:

Each Legitimate MicroNation shall have a Nation Name, Head of State, Flag, Seal, Ringtone / National Anthem / or Song, & Products or Services to Export / For Sale.

MicroNations in our Database are all valid.

MicroNations in Wiki are also valid to use.

MicroNations from Books, Movies, TV, Fandom, Historical, Virtual, Real, are all valid.

MicroNations of your very own are the Best!


MicroNations / Leaders / Rulers:

Rulers of the MicroNation are Self-Appointed or Self-Anointed.

Rulers of the MicroNation can choose their own Country Names, Flag, Seal, Currency, Official Documents, Form of Government, Items to Export & Import, Ringtones, & other aspects of Governance.

Choose a MicroNation Tile to represent your Leaders.  We have provided many for your use in our Folder, or in our .pdf file.

Place Your Own  MicroNation Tile on the Map Board that your Group of MicroNations have selected.

Visit our MicroNations Reference Section to select your Features.


MicroNations Abbreviations:

mN = MicroNation.  mNs = MicroNations. 

GmN = Game of microNations ®.  mNG = microNations Game ®.

mUN  micro-United-Nations  ®UmN  United-microNations  ®LmN  League of microNations  ®.

$9M = Plus 9 Million Dollars.  $-5M = Minus 5 Million Dollars.

mWB = micro-World-Bank.  mIMF = micro-International-Monetary-Fund. 

$ = USD = U.S. Dollars.     = Euros.     £ = GBP = British Pounds.    ¥ = JPY = Japanese Yen.    ฿ = BTC = Bitcoin.    N = mNM = MicroNation Money.


==========  QUICK RULES of the Game of MicroNations  ==========


Deck of Scenario Cards:  Deck #1 of 100 Cards is Free to enjoy. 

Boards, Maps, Micronation Names, Playing Pieces:  For Identification & Orientation.  Not necessary to play the Game of MicroNations.

Dice:   ( ) Dice Cards:   ( ) Deck of 52 Playing Cards:   Choose your option.

Poker Chips:  ( ) Currency Banknotes:  ( ) Deck of 52 Playing Cards:   ( ) Toothpicks as Poker Chips:   Choose your option.

Scorecards:  ( ) Currency Scorecard:  Choose your option.

Secret Weapons:  Deal, or Choose your option, or write Your Own down for later use.

Variations Agreed upon or not:   Select Before you Start of Game

Rating of Variations:  {1:10} = High Chance / Odds / Luck.

{10:10} = Most Strategy / Skill in Negotiations / Deal Making.  See below the optional variants.

End Game when: 

1.  All Scenario Cards are played once through.

2.  MicroNations are done Negotiating for Exports & Imports, Barter & Trades.

3.  Secret Weapon Game-Ending Card is played, & not Counter-measured.

4.  Heads of State agree to Terminate the Game.

Bankruptcy Assets of MicroNations lose their Assets to other MicroNation(s), or by default, paid to the UmN, mUN, or to the mWB.

Scoring = Audit:  Total your $+_M & $-_M Millions of Dollars.  Compare all Heads of State Totals. 




MicroNations Game

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Created by Dr. Lauren Friedman DDS

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