Game of Micronations Dr. Lauren Friedman DDS, Creator
Game of MicronationsDr. Lauren Friedman DDS, Creator

Game of MicroNations

<> ==============================================  MicroNations:


(x) MicroNations have existed in Reality from Recorded Time.

(x) Most MicroNations are Countries-within-Countries, or Virtual Lands.

(x) MicroNations have a Business Model, a Cause to forward, or for Entertainment.

(x) Micronations may represent any of these:  Dystopia Land.  Historical Lands.  a Model Country.   an Ideal Land.  a New Country Project.  a Self-proclaimed Country.  Fictional Lands.  Galactic Colonies.  Specific Books & Literature.  Some Comic Books & Graphic Novels.  Select Movie/TV Invented Series.  Fantasy SportsEphemeral States.  & many more.

(x) Micronations may claim to be independent Nations/States, but are not officially recognized by World Governments, nor by major International Organizations, like the United Nations.



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