Game of Micronations Dr. Lauren Friedman DDS, Creator
Game of MicronationsDr. Lauren Friedman DDS, Creator

United microNations (UmN) =  micro United Nations (mUN) 


Scenario Card

#  57        <Economy>  Schrödinger's Cat Mind Experiment:  Scientists put MicroNations in a box, with their Exports, Imports & _:

1   $4M        Some / All of the MicroNations are Alive & Well.

2   $-4M         Some / All of the MicroNations are Dying or Dead.

3   $0M        All of the MicroNations are both Alive & Well & Dying or Dead.

4   $1M        All of the MicroNations that own no Land can fit in a large Box.

5   $6M        Which MicroNation is Schrödinger from?

6   $_M        _

& 99 more Scenario Cards for you.



BanksmWB, mIMF, & UmN = mUN:


( ) micro-World-Bank (mWB) holds the Currencies &  the Coins of the Realm of the Game of MicroNations.

( ) micro-International Monetary Fund (mIMF) Loans money to MicroNations.  Gamers can agree to use, or not use, the mIMF Option.

( ) Loan Repayments - every 3rd Scenario Card:   MicroNation can demand to be Paid the $_M From any other Leader, rather than get paid from the mWB.  (Bank rotates  thru the Players)

( ) World Relief & Aid - every 3rd Scenario Card:   MicroNation can Pay the $_M To any other Leader, rather than pay to the mWB.

( ) Deadlock in Negotiations shall be ruled by the UmN.  Their Decision shall prevail.

( ) micro-World-Bank (mWB) may run out of Money with Variation {3:10}  2 Dice Rolls / Head of State, Select your Best #.  All MicroNations equally pay your Taxes (Contribute) to the Bank.  Winners & Losers will still have the same relative differences.  Or, the World Bank could issue IOU's.

( ) United MicroNations (UmN mUN) is located in Los Angeles, CA, USA, & shall be the Governing Body of mNs.


MicroNations Diplomacy:


( ) No Diplomatic Immunity exists for mNs.

( ) RPG = Role Playing Games continue with the Smartphone App, Boardgame, Online, Forums, Blogs, Conventions, State Visits, State Dinners, …

( ) United microNations (UmN mUN) shall from time to time issue Additional Rules to the Game of MicroNations.






MicroNations Game

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