Game of Micronations Dr. Lauren Friedman DDS, Creator
Game of MicronationsDr. Lauren Friedman DDS, Creator

Scenario Cards  ("this is it!")



Scenario Card

#  71        <Work>  Economic Jobs Report in our MicroNation:

1   $0M        _ MicroNation has had the most yearly Extremes.

2   $0M        Our 1 Citizen has been alternatively Employed & Unemployed - 100%  ->  0%  ->  100%  -> 0%.

3   $9M        MicroNations with Real Land never have a 100% Unemployment Rate - they just Default to Share Croppers!

4   $9M        Work!  What, me work?!?!  I want to play MicroNations Game.

5   $6M        Virtual MicroNations pay in Virtual Ephemeral Currencies  ->  100% Employment Rate.

6   $_M        _



Scenario Card

#  73        <Soccer>  World Cup of Football.  Which MicroNations would participate?

1   $3M        All MicroNations would join in.

2   $-2M        USA MicroNations would send American Football Players to the Soccer Match.

3   $-5M        Most MicroNations don't have more than 2 or 3 Citizens - too small for a Team.

4   $0M        No MicroNations would join in.  And, only for Quidditch!

5   $-4M        No Sports Athletes are Heads of State of MicroNations.

6   $_M        _



Scenario Card

#  82        <Pollution>  What are MicroNations doing about Cap & Trade?

1   $5M        Virtual MicroNations have lowest Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

2   $-5M        Virtual MicroNations have no money to Buy Carbon Credits.

3   $-3M        Virtual Carbon Credits are Cheaper than Real Carbon Credits.

4   $0M        We only have 2 Cars, 0 Trucks, 0 Trains, 0 Boats, 1 Rowboat.

5   $7M        Cap our Head of State's Mouth, & Trade him!

6   $_M        _



Scenario Card

#  88        <Psychology>  Please, people, give it a rest; & Get a Life!

1   $9M        Hey!  When did you Laugh this hard with enjoyment of a game.

2   $5M        How often did you come up with a Funny Answer for #6?

3   $9M        This Game is about Creativity, Thinking, Strategy, Real Life.

4   $9M        My Virtual Life in my MicroNation is way better.

5   $3M        I have a Life!  But, Game of MicroNations adds to it.

6   $_M        _



Scenario Card

#  89        <Status>  How do you achieve World-Class Status & Int'l Recognition?

1   $-5M        It is not from this Job I have now.

2   $5M        Instantly & Easily, create my own MicroNation.

3   $9M        Join the United MicroNations Marketplace.

4   $9M        Export.  Import.  Barter.  Trade.  Advertise.  Network.

5   $7M        MicroNations Online Forums.  Blogs.  Websites.  eMails.

6   $_M        _



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